A complete guide to using Microsoft Teams for a presentation

Microsoft Teams offers its users the ability to present a full presentation. You can host presentations from integrated platforms, such as PowerPoint, or non-integrated platforms, such as Google Slides. In this blog, I will show you an in-depth guide on how to use Teams for a presentation you may have. I will show you the different options as well as how to follow through and use these options to present your own presentation. Keep reading through for more information on how you can achieve this. 

  1. Share your desktop screen
  2. Run the slides in a separate window and share this screen
  3. PowerPoint Share built-in by Teams

Above are some of the different methods you can use to present a presentation in Microsoft Teams. Follow and see which ones are the most applicable to you. I will provide an in-depth guide as well as a step-by-step approach to help you mind the most appropriate solution.

Share your desktop screen for your presentation

Perhaps the easiest solution for sharing a presentation is sharing your desktop screen with your audience. This allows the users to easily see the presentation without having to integrate anything — you can even show videos on the presentation. Follow through to see how you can achieve this.

This blog talks about how to set up a Teams presentation, so the steps will proceed from the meeting screen, as shown above, follow my other blog to see how you can schedule a Teams meetings. (How to schedule Teams meeting)

  • Firstly open your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Now go back to your Teams meeting.
  • Click on “Share Content.”
  • Select the presenter mode.
  • Choose computer sound toggle to your preferences.
  • Finally, click on “Screen.”

You’ll know you presenting your screen when the display shows a red frame around your screen, this shows that the content within is being shared to the audience at your Team’s meeting. Here make sure you have your presentation on before you set a screen share, to avoid any personal or background content being shown in the meeting.

A complete guide to using Microsoft Teams for a presentation

Below is a more in-depth guide on how to present during a Teams meeting using screen share. Please follow through for more information.

  • Firstly, open your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Then join your Teams meeting.

You can use the online or desktop version of Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint to give a presentation.

  • In Teams, click on “Camera” at the top. (1)
  • Then click “Share.” (2)
  • You can choose where you appear on the screen under “Presenter mode.” (3)
    • The small user icon indicates where you will appear.
  • Finally, select “Screen” or “Window.” (4)
    • Screen will allow the attendees to view all the windows on your screen.
    • Window will only allow attendees to view the window you select.

You will know that the screen is being shared when a red border appears around the edge of your computer screen. To access controls from here, you can follow these steps:

  • Move your mouse to the very top of the screen where the red border is located.
  • The share menu will pop up.
  • Click the pin icon on the right side to always keep the share menu visible.

Use PowerPoint Share built-in by Teams to show your presentation

Microsoft has included a presenting mechanism in Teams and PowerPoint that is unique among other meeting platforms. You may load a PowerPoint file from your PC or from your SharePoint library using the PowerPoint sharing option. It then uses PowerPoint on the Web to run the slide show inside Teams. Below is the step-by-step guide on how you can achieve this.

  • Firstly, join your Teams meeting.
  • Turn on your Camera. (1)
  • Then click the “Share” button in the top menu. (2)
  • Select your “Presenter mode.” (3)
    • The smaller user icon indicates where on the screen you will appear.
  • Now go down to the “PowerPoint Live” header.
  • Select your PowerPoint document from the list. (4)
    • You can also upload a PowerPoint document by selecting “Browse my computer.”

That’s it for this Blog thank you for taking time out to read our content, please feel free to email our team about how it went if you followed the steps or if you need more help with the questions we answered in this Blog.

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