About Us

Welcome to Business Tech Planet! This website is all about making tech easy to understand and use. Primarily aimed at businesses, this website is designed to inform you on new and upcoming technology, what it is, how it works, and how your business can utilize it.

Our Background

We’re from an IT and telecommunications background, with Michael and Darren founders of the telecommunications provider Optionbox and managed service provider Optionbox Networks.

Optionbox and Optionbox Networks have numerous accreditations and we are partnered with some of the largest telecoms and IT firms in the world. For instance, Optionbox Networks is a Microsoft Silver Partner. Furthermore, Optionbox and Optionbox Networks director Michael Fontana has been featured in numerous publications, including Glassdoor and Hacker Noon, sharing his valuable IT and telecoms insight.

Optionbox specialises in telecommunications, offering everything from a simple plug-n-play VoIP solution to our advanced enterprise VoIP offerings, fully customisable down to the tiniest details for customers that require a bespoke system. We also offer a number of broadband solutions, from FTTC to superfast 10Gbps leased lines.

Optionbox Networks is a managed service provider, offering a number of solutions from remote IT support, to mailboxes and cyber security or full-blown infrastructure management. We work with a number of businesses ranging from 5 – 400 employees, managing their infrastructure to ensure an excellent end-user experience.

Accreditations and Experience

Cumulatively, the Business Tech Planet team have over 50 years’ experience in the telecommunications and IT industries. Here are some of the accreditations held by the Business Tech Planet team.

The Business Tech Planet team are Gamma-approved engineers, meaning we completed their training and are of a suitable competency to provide their solutions.
The Business Tech Planet team are Wildix-approved installers and engineers, meaning we can install and support the Wildix PBX communications solutions.
Darren and Michael are Hikvision-approved, making Optionbox and sister company Optionbox Networks authorised distributors.
The Business Tech Planet team are Paxton-approved installers. Paxton offers a range of advanced access control solutions.

This is just a small selection of the accreditations held by the team behind Business Tech Planet, perfectly exemplifying the experience and expertise of the people behind BTP.

Why We Started Business Tech Planet

At Optionbox and Optionbox Networks, we get asked a lot of questions about our solutions, as you can imagine. Unfortunately, they’re not always questions we want to answer on our own website. For example, whether or not VoIP works without the internet. So we decided to found Business Tech Planet to answer these questions in an informative and detailed way, with no commercial intent. This site is purely about informing people and businesses on what technology is and how it works.

We hope that you find our blog to be a useful resource, so thank you for reading!

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