Can employers check time active on Teams?

Studying workflow and process optimization can benefit your business immensely; fewer resources are wasted if a process can be achieved with efficiency. An employer may be interested in your Teams’ usage to evaluate how best to incorporate the application into their business practices— or determine if it’s a detriment to an operation’s efficiency. Thus, employers may wish to track our activities during work.

No, time-used cannot easily be tracked (without third-party programs). However, the following steps will allow you to review your teams’ usage of Microsoft Teams:

  1. From Office, open the app launcher
  2. Access the Microsoft 365 Admin center
  3. Reveal additional options with “Show all”
  4. Trigger the “Reports” dropdown
  5. Select “Usage”
  6. Click “View more” under “Microsoft Teams activity”

In this post, I have provided a guide for employers looking to assess their teams’ usage of Teams. However, I have also provided (for employees) a minor briefing on the pros and cons of activity tracking. Hopefully, I will address any worries you may have.

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How to access Teams usage data in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 stores accumulated usage data, Microsoft 365 group admins access the said data within the Admin center. The following step-by-step guide will demonstrate how you can access this data. If you can’t find something I describe, refer to the screenshots I have posted below each step.

Step 1 — Enter the Microsoft 365 Admin center

From Office, refer to the “App launcher.” The app launcher is accessed via a dotted button in the top-left corner— click the button. In the resulting menu, find and click the entry labeled “Admin,” doing so will allow you to access the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

Step 2 — Access usage reports

The Microsoft 365 admin center features a sidebar with several dropdowns and links. By default, the dropdown we’re looking for is hidden; you can reveal the “Reports” dropdown by clicking “Show all.” Under “Reports,” click “Usage.”

Step 3 — View the Teams-specific data

You probably won’t spot Teams immediately. Hit Ctrl+F and enter “Microsoft Teams activity.” Once you’ve found the Teams-relevant card, click the “View more” button below. As the button’s name implies, there’s much more data available than you see below.

Pros and cons for activity tracking at work

Like all practices, activity-tracking has various pros and cons. In the following section, I hope to explain why you should support (or oppose) activity tracking.


  • Tracked usage data allows business