Does Junk Mail automatically get deleted on Outlook?

What is Junk Mail?

Junk mail is generally unwanted mail. Normally either advertising or promotions are the main two you get. However, sometimes emails from unknown people could be sent here which could cause an issue if it is an important email, for example if you get a job interview sent from an unknown email it could be filtered into junk mail.  It gets automatically sent into a separate folder away from the main email folder. You can review what is sent into the junk mail automatically by reviewing your junk mail settings. (This can be seen briefly at the bottom of the page if you are unsure how to do this.)

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Where do you find Junk Mail?

Junk Mail can be found here:

It is separated from the regular inbox as it generally has a lot less importance than the rest of your emails. Things that automatically get sent here are advertisements, offers, promotions, emails from senders that are constantly sending things, and unknown senders.

Does Outlook delete Junk Mail automatically?

The simple answer is yes. Junk Mail will be moved into your deleted items folder which is then automatically deleted too. There is no way to stop it going into the deleted items folder however you can stop the process going any further by keeping all the files in the deleted section until you can go through them. The junk mail folder along with the deleted items folder are generally deleted by the Outlook servers after at least 10 days of it being there. They delete it automatically to free up space and assume that if after 10 days you have not moved it to the main inbox that it is not important. But what if it was a message you needed? Below is the way to get back deleted messages.

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How to get Junk Mail that deleted back?

To get back any messages that would have been deleted from the junk mail folder, follow these steps below:

Step 1) Open the web interface of Outlook and log into your account

Step 2) Go to the ‘deleted items’ folder

Step 3) In the ‘deleted items’ folder at the top of the inbox is an option to ‘recover items deleted.’ Select this option.

Step 4) If you had anything to bring back then there would be as much brought back as the server could possibly bring back, if nothing could be brought back a message would pop up to say this.

How to stop junk mail in Outlook deleting automatically?

There is a way to stop your junk mail deleting themselves automatically. This would be useful for times where you are expecting an email you do not receive and need to check the junk inbox. It could be useful if you prefer to check every email before deleting them in case you miss something important. There are so many different reasons that these emails might need to be kept. If you want to keep yours then follow these steps below:

Step 1) Log into your Outlook account

Step 2) Click the settings button in the top right hand side

Step 3) Choose the ‘view all Outlook setting’ link in the bottom of the box

Step 4) Choose the ‘Mail’ section

Step 5) Choose the ‘Message Handling’ section

Step 6) Untick the ‘empty my deleted items folder’ and press save

From now on your junk mail should not completely delete automatically. It should be in your deleted items folder no matter how long it is until you go back there, however if it were an important email, I would recommend moving it into the main inbox so that you can easily find it and know where it is exactly.

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Review your Junk Mail inbox in Outlook

Step 1) Open up the settings in the top right hand corner

Step 2) Select the ‘View all Outlook settings’

Step 3) Go to the ‘Junk Email’ section

Step 4) From here there are now multiple options about blocking senders, about safe senders, and about filters. Add/takeaway what is relevant to you and press ‘save’ to apply these.

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