How long can a Microsoft Teams meeting last?

A Microsoft Teams meeting allows a collection of individuals to converge and discuss plans digitally. Large meetings can be a cause for concern: one question triggers several chains of additional questions. If you’re expecting such a meeting, it’s only logical to question the timeframe that constrains you.

When do Microsoft Teams meetings/calls expire?

Free meetingUnscheduled meetingsScheduled meetings
1 hour8 hours60 days

In the following post, I’ll discuss meeting expiration timeframes. More specifically, calls on the free version of Microsoft Teams and scheduled/unscheduled meetings on the commercial build of Microsoft Teams.

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How long do meetings last in Microsoft Teams

Unscheduled meetings

An unscheduled meeting refers to meetings created via the “Meet now” button. Alternatively, it can refer to any meeting not scheduled on the Teams calendar. Such meetings have been found to expire eight hours post-start-time. Take starting a meeting at 10 AM, for instance: it would automatically close at 6 PM.

Scheduled meetings

Scheduled meetings, recurring or not, have been found to expire after sixty days. Although, there is a minor difference. Meetings with a set end time will expire sixty days after the meetings’ preset end time. In contrast, a meeting without a preset end time will expire sixty days after the meeting’s start time.

How long do calls/meetings last on Microsoft Teams (free)

Unfortunately, calls/meetings on Teams’ free build are unideal: Free Teams meeting/call duration is limited to only 1 hour. At this time, a method to expand the duration is not known. If you do not wish to pay for Microsoft Teams, you may have to create new calls or meetings when the previous one expires.

Blog post recap

A Teams meeting is not without end— you cannot chat forever. That is especially true for non-paying users of Teams who cannot host calls/meetings for more than sixty minutes. Paying members are better accommodated; they can host eight-hour meetings without scheduling them. In comparison, paying members can enjoy scheduled meetings/calls that persist for up to sixty days.

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