How to block folder creation in SharePoint

If you are a SharePoint site owner, you may want to change what your members can and can’t do. For example, you can go into the settings of certain parts and change them; in this article, I will cover how to stop folder creation in SharePoint.

This article I have created will cover how you can stop people from making folders in your SharePoint; this will work on Mac and Windows as it can be done in a browser. It involves going to SharePoint and the library settings in “Documents” and finding the option in advanced settings. Read on for more.


  • Go to
  • Use App Launcher and go to SharePoint
  • Go to Documents
  • Go to Settings
  • Press Library Settings
  • Click Advanced Settings
  • Toggle the New Folder option to “No”

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How to block folder creation in SharePoint

  • To start, go to and sign in to your Microsoft account
  • Next press the app launcher in the top left corner and press “SharePoint.”
  • Once on SharePoint, press the menu on the left, and go to “documents.”
  • Once on the document page, go to the settings menu in the top right corner.
  • Next, click “Library Settings” to bring up an extensive list of options.
  • Once here, click on “Advanced Settings” to show more specific options.
  • Finally, we have the option to toggle “New Folder,” this option will make it so it won’t show users the ability to make a new folder when clicking + new. As an admin to the SharePoint site, you will be able to toggle this and many other options on and off when you please.

That is the entire process to stop folder creation on your site; only when you decide to reverse it will people be able to make more folders.



Why do people use folders on SharePoint?

Here are a few reasons that people still use SharePoint folders.

  • Migration of file sharing – Folders have been around for decades as a method of containing files; many businesses used to do corporate file shares. Still, now many use SharePoint as it is much easier to upload and share information that other staff members need. It can a