How to change the language of a Microsoft Word document

Microsoft Word is a word processor that allows users to change between languages. The guide below will show you how to change the language in Word using Windows and Mac.

  • To change the language for Microsoft Word on a Windows device, you must go into the Options section and adjust the language preferences.
  • To change the language for Microsoft Word on a Mac OS device, you must go into the Tools section and edit the language settings.
  • To change the language on the web version of Word, you must change the display language.

You can potentially use three different platforms when working on a Word document. Each of them requires unique steps to change the language of the document.

How to switch the language of a Word document on Windows

The first platform we’re going to look at is Windows. Several steps are involved in changing the language for Microsoft Word on Windows. You may also need to install a language pack as Microsoft only has a few defaults.

If you come across situations where multiple panels open up in the program, this is common for Microsoft Windows programs as a lot of the information is in a stacked format. That makes it easier to navigate information as individual panels provide a better way to see the features.

  • Open Microsoft Word on your computer first.
  • Click “File” now. 
  • You then need to select “Options” from the menu. 
  • Go ahead and select “Language.” 
  • Select the language of your choice. 

If the list doesn’t have your desired language, you click “Add a language,” and you will be able to add a new language. The Microsoft directory, which contains all the extra languages, allows you to add a new language. 

  • To finish the process, click “OK.” 

Now Microsoft Word will change the language to the one you selected. And you can follow the same steps outlined above to change the language back to the original.

How to change the language of a Word document on Mac OS devices?

Another platform you can use to create a Word document is Mac OS devices. Changing the language on Microsoft Word for Mac OS devices is quite different from the one used in Windows devices. 

Unlike the process used for Windows, the Mac OS version is significantly easier to locate information and provides more aesthetics than functions for the user. That means locating information on a Mac OS device is much easier. 

  • Firstly, open your Word document. 
  • Now click on the option for “Tools.” 
  • You need to click on the option for “Language.” 
  • Choose one of the available languages. 
  • Press “OK” to complete the process. 

Unlike the Windows version, all the languages in the directory are available by default. You don’t need to download additional languages from the library on the web server. One negative aspect is that the storage required to hold the Microsoft Word app is significantly greater than is required for Windows. 

How to alter the language of a Word document in the web app

The web platform is the final platform you can use to help create a Word document. Unfortunately, the web application does not have a dedicated feature for you to change the language. You will need to use an alternative method to change the language in Microsoft Word for the web version. 

The web version for Microsoft Word is similar to the one used for Windows. Most features are identical; however, the back end is nonexistent as you can only find this on the desktop version. Are there any necessary option-based features only available on the desktop version for Windows? 

  • Open Office 365 first. 
  • Next, click the launcher. 
  • Click “OneDrive” now. 
  • You need to select “Settings” from there. 
  • Select “Security and privacy” after that. 
  • Choose “Language and Region” next. 
  • You must then select “Change display language” from the menu. 
  • Choose your favorite language. 
  • To complete the procedure, click the “Select” button. 

Upon completing the steps, you will have managed to change the language of Microsoft Word on the web app. However, you must keep in mind that if you change the display language of the web app on Office 365, you will change the language for the entire network.


Thank you for reading our content on how you can change the language on Microsoft Word for various platforms. I have provided these tips on how you can change the language and various platforms that enable Microsoft Word to run. You can progress through each method, see which best suits your requirements, and change the language on Microsoft Word. If you require further assistance with the step style provided, you can drop a comment below, and we will address your issues. 

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