How to connect organizations in Microsoft Teams

If you work with multiple organizations, it may be inconvenient for you to switch between accounts. However, Microsoft Teams lets you connect your organizations easily by giving access to guests. Guests can accomplish a lot despite having more limitations than team members. So this guide will show you how to connect organizations using guest accounts in Microsoft Teams. 

The best way to connect organizations in Microsoft Teams is to assign guests to a specific team in your organization:

  • To begin the process, sign into your Microsoft Teams account. 
  • Click on “Teams” on the left-hand side. 
  • Choose a team on the left. 
  • Right-click one of those teams and select “Add member.” 
  • Input the email address of a member that is part of the other organization. 
  • Click on “Add” to complete the process. 

Please wait for the member of the other organization to formally accept the invite in their mailbox. Then the guest will be able to access content and collaborate across organizations.

If you want to connect with another organization, their administrators must set you as a guest in their organization. And once you have accepted the email invitation, you can assign your Microsoft Teams account to their organization.

An in-depth guide on how to connect organizations in Microsoft Teams

If you require further assistance on how you can connect an organization to Microsoft Teams, you can use our in-depth guide to help. The in-depth guide includes resources such as screenshots to help you through the more complex steps in the process.

  • To begin the process, you must first sign into your Microsoft Teams account.  

The process will work on the desktop and browser versions of Microsoft Teams. If you do not have the app version of Microsoft Teams downloaded onto your desktop, go to and open Teams from there. However, make sure you sign into a Teams account that belongs to an organization. Only then will you be able to connect Microsoft Teams to an organization within the program. 

  • Click on “Teams” on the left-hand side.  
  • Choose a team to add your guests. 
  • Right-click on one of those teams and click “Add member.”  

When you select “Add member” from the context menu, a page similar to the one in this picture will appear, allowing you to enter the email address of the person you wish to add. As seen in the screenshot, Teams should be able to identify an external address and add the individual as a guest.

  • Input the email address of a member that is part of the other organization.  
  • Click on “Add” to complete the process. 

In today’s society, collaboration can go beyond organizational boundaries. The ability to incorporate freelancers, contractors, consultants, and other for-hire workers in digital collaboration is crucial since they are a part of most firms at some time.

Administrators of Azure Active Directory should not be concerned about security breaches: Controlling access won’t be a problem because you can handle guest accounts in precisely the same way as normal Active Directory members.


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How to remove an organization from Teams

If you don’t want to be part of an organization, you can remove it using the method shown here. You must log into Office 365 and delete the organization from the Account settings area as the default to remove it from your account. You may access the My organization area and make the required adjustments to eliminate the organization once you are in the Account portion of Office 365, which is located underneath your profile. 

  • Click your profile photo now.
  • To proceed, click on “View account.”
  • Click the “Manage organizations” link after finding the “Organizations” option by scrolling down.
  • To finish the procedure, find the organization and select “Leave Organization.”

Once you have finished the procedures, you can delete an organization from your Microsoft Teams account. Unfortunately, you must make these adjustments in Office 365 because there isn’t a native way to remove an organization from the Teams program. Any modifications you make will have an impact on all of the applications since Microsoft Teams is a component of a larger part of Office 365 programs.


Once you have completed the steps, you will have managed to connect an organization to Microsoft Teams. The method shown here will allow you to connect another user to your Microsoft Teams organization. Suppose you need to be assigned to another organization. In that case, the organization’s user will need to connect you to the organization, and then you will need to accept the invitation through email. 

I have also provided the steps to remove an organization from a Microsoft Teams account if you are no longer part of the organization or no longer require it. If you require further assistance with the steps, drop a comment below, and we will address the issues. 

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