How to disable the “meeting has started” notification in Microsoft Teams

Although notifications are supposed to support us, we often view them as a nuisance. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by notifications across the board or experiencing duplicative reminders between Outlook and Teams. I imagine you’d like to relieve yourself of these notifications— you came to the right place.

How to disable notifications in Microsoft Teams

  1. Launch Microsoft Teams
  2. Open the account options menu
  3. Select “Settings
  4. Open the “Notifications” page
  5. Update the relevant settings accordingly
    • Missed activity emails: “Off”
    • Apperance and sound: deactivate both toggles
    • Meetings and Calls: “Mute”

In the following post, I will detail how you can deactivate Teams’ notifications on the iOS and Windows clients. Although each guide is relatively expansive, you may encounter some bumps along the way. Hence, you can refer to the visual aids provided below each step. If further issues occur, consider leaving a comment below.

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How to disable notifications in Microsoft Teams (PC)

Unfortunately, Microsoft Teams will not allow us to suppress meeting notifications exclusively. Hence, the best option is to disable all notifications. We can prevent Teams from creating banners, playing notification sounds, and sending email notifications (for missed activities).

Step 1 — Open Teams’ settings page

To start, open the Teams options menu— you can do this by selecting the “” button in the top right. Then, click “Settings.”

Step 2 — Configure your notifications

Use the left sidebar to navigate to the “Notifications” page. Then, use the fields on the right to adjust your notification settings accordingly.

  • Missed activity emails: Off
  • Appearance and sound
    • Show message preview: Off
    • Play sound for incoming calls and notifications: Off
  • Meetings and Calls
    • Meeting chat notifications: “Mute”

How to disable notifications in Microsoft Teams (iOS)

What’s more annoying than desktop and email notifications? Mobile notifications! Hence, I’ve prepared a guide you can use to disable mobile notifications on your iOS devices. The guide is written for users of iOS 14 or later. However, you should be fine if you can find the “Settings” app without the app library.

Step 1 — Launch the settings app

First, swipe your way to the app library and swipe up to begin searching. Then, look for “Settings.” When you spot the app, tap it.

Step 2 — Find and select “Teams”

Scroll toward the bottom of the settings app. You will come across a list of your installed third-party apps. Within the list, find and select “Teams.”

Step 3 — Open the notifications page

On the Teams settings page, you will find an option titled “Notifications—” select it.

Step 4 — Untoggle notifications

Finally, deactivate the toggle labeled “Allow Notifications.”

Blog post recap

Although we can’t disable meeting notifications specifically, we can disable several forms of notifications in bulk— by extension, making meeting notifications less annoying.

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