How to fix the Microsoft Teams error “A Javascript error occurred in the main process”

Although most people don’t know the first thing about JavaScript, it’s responsible for powering most of what you see on the internet. Thus, JavaScript errors have the potential to cause large problem. One of those errors is “A Javascript error occurred in the main process.” Fortunately, we have quick fixes available to us in this case.

Method 1 – Reinstall Visual C++ to fix the Microsoft Teams JavaScript main process error:

  • Use Win/Start+R
  • Enter appwiz.cpl
  • Hit “OK”
  • Uninstall “Visual C++” files
  • Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables

Method 2 – Reinstall Teams to fix the Microsoft Teams JavaScript main process error:

  • Hit the Start/Win key
  • Search “add or remove programs”
  • Hit the Enter key
  • Find and select Microsoft Teams
  • Click Uninstall
  • Reinstall Microsoft Teams

At this time: two methods exist to resolve your issue. The first method involves the reinstallation of your redistributable visual c++ files. Alternatively, you can replace your Microsoft Teams installation with a new one. A step-by-step guide has been provided for both methods.

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Reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables to fix the Microsoft Teams JavaScript main process error

The following method aims to correct the isolated source of the problem. Think of replacing a faulty component within a device for a better analogy.

Step 1 — Open the Windows “Run” prompt

The “Run” prompt is accessed via the shortcut Win/Start+R. You can alternatively access the “Run” prompt by hitting “Start” and searching for “Run.”

Step 2 — Run appwiz.cpl

In the “Run” prompt’s text field: enter appwiz.cpl and hit “OK.”

Step 3 — Uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables

Select files containing “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables.” After, click “Uninstall” via the action bar (above the list).

Step 4 — Reinstall the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables

If you’ve uninstalled each redistributable, you can proceed to reinstall the latest ones from Microsoft’s support page. Please avoid downloads from unofficial sources. When using an unofficial source, you risk exposing your system to harmful malware. For instance: trojans or ransomware.

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Reinstalling Microsoft Teams to fix the Microsoft Teams JavaScript main process error

Unlike the last method, the following method aims to avoid escaping the problem completely. If we’re to re-use the last analogy, this would be replacing the device with a fault as a whole.

Step 1 — Open the Windows/Start menu

To begin, open the start menu. You can do this in two ways: pressing the Win/Start key or hitting the Windows icon at the start of your taskbar.

Step 2 — Search “add or remove programs”

In the start menu, click the search field and enter “add or remove programs.” Select the application as shown below.

Step 3 — Uninstall Microsoft Teams

Find Microsoft Teams within the application list— click the app followed by “Uninstall” afterward.

Step 4 — Reinstall Microsoft Teams

Head over to the Teams download page. Once you’re there, you’ll immediately notice the “Download for desktop” button. Clicking the button will initiate the download for Microsoft Teams’ installer. Once the download is completed, open it up.

Blog post recap

Microsoft Teams’ main process may experience a JavaScript error from time to time. This issue can be resolved by reinstalling Microsoft Teams or its problematic dependencies. The dependencies in question are Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables. Either method should suffice; however, you should still attempt both methods if one fails.

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