How to Install 3rd Party Apps for users in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows the use of third-party Apps to expand its functionality. The term “third-party” or “3rd party” refers to apps made by developers outside Microsoft, and range from project management systems like Trello, to graphical sharing apps like Adobe Creative Cloud. So in this article, I will show you how to install third-party apps for your users in Microsoft Teams.

How to install 3rd-Party Apps in Teams:

  • Firstly, open Office 365
  • Now click on the launcher. 
  • Select the option for “Admin.” 
  • From the list of admin centers, choose “Teams.” 
  • Click on the drop-down for “Teams apps.” 
  • Choose the option for “Setup policies.” 
  • now click on the “Add” option. 
  • Where it says, Installed apps, click on the option for “Add apps.” 
  • Click on the search box and input the name of the application you want to have installed. 
  • Click on “Add” next to the app name. 
  • Once the app is added, click on “Add” again. 
  • Scroll to the pinned apps section and click on “Add apps.”  
  • Use the search box to locate the newly installed app and then click on “Add.” 
  • Click on “Add again.”
  • Finally, click on “Save.” 

We’ve also created a video that covers the topics we’ve discussed in this blog, which you can watch here:

Some third-party applications may require users to input their Microsoft credentials to complete the setup. When users sign back into their Microsoft Teams account, they will have the application installed, and Microsoft will pin it on the user tab. 

The last few steps show how you can assign pinned applications to user accounts in Teams. The newly installed application can be pinned as default in user accounts if you want them to use it frequently. The general user assigned to this policy will not be able to override the changes made to the application. The user, on the other side, cannot uninstall installed applications from the admin center as a global policy.

What is the difference between apps, add-ins, and add-ons?

Apps may contain add-ons to improve and expand functionality. Add-ins are apps that you can integrate with other apps to produce cross-platform functionality. In Microsoft Teams, you can add apps (or add-ins), some of which may have add-ons, which we will look at in more detail later in this guide.

Please click here to browse the Microsoft Teams’ app store.

An in-depth guide on how to Install 3rd Party Apps for users in Microsoft Teams

You can use our in-depth guide if you require further assistance with the steps provided. The in-depth guide includes a list of resources, such as screenshots, to help you through the process. Sometimes there may be certain elements you do not understand when looking at the steps using the text; however, images can help you to navigate the program’s user interface with greater accuracy.

Sign in with your regular Office 365 credentials. However, ensure admin permissions are enabled; otherwise, the steps will not work for you. To attain admin permissions, you will need to request someone who has global admin permissions to give you the correct level of permissions to access the admin section and assign application permissions. 

  • Now click on the launcher.  

Nine dots illustrate the launcher in Office 365 on the top left side of the display. Click on it to access the available applications for users to open. 

  • Select the option for Admin.”  

You must have admin permissions to access the Admin center. If you need admin permissions, speak to a global admin who can assign the required permissions to you. 

  • From the list of admin centers, choose Teams.” 

If you cannot see the option for Teams in the list of admin centers, you can click on “Show all.” Click on “Teams” to open the admin dashboard for Microsoft Teams.

  • Click on the drop-down for Teams apps.” 
  • Choose the option for Setup policies.” 

Ensure you have assigned the global policy to ensure that this change affects all users in your Microsoft Teams account. Microsoft Teams allows users to be flexible when assigning policies; they can assign it to a single user or assign it to all users by clicking on the option for Global.  

  • Now click on the Add option.  
  • Where it says, “Installed apps,” click on the option for Add apps.”  
  • Click on the search box and input the name of the application you want to have installed.  
  • Click on Add next to the app name.  
  • Once the app is added, click on Add” again.  
  • Scroll to the “Pinned apps” section and click on Add apps.”   
  • Use the search box to locate the newly installed app and then click on Add.”  
  • Click on Add again.” 
  • Finally, click on Save.” 

There are many excellent programs in the Microsoft Teams App marketplace, but you could discover that some of them are hidden from view. If this is the case, it often signifies that a Teams admin has not followed the following instructions to authorize the installation of applications.

The Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement does not control, own, or apply to third-party apps in Microsoft Teams. The terms and conditions of each third-party app govern how your company may use it.

What are the best add-ins for Microsoft Teams?

Now that you know how to add third-party (3rd party) apps to Microsoft Teams, you may want to know which are the best to use. Of course, that will depend on what you want to achieve. However, here are five highly recommended productivity add-ins for Microsoft Teams.

Prezi Video

⚬ Post videos directly to your Teams chats and channels.
⚬ Add media content to your videos via image search or file upload.
⚬ Use customizable video templates.
⚬ Get started for free or choose a plan that meets your requirement.


⚬ Engage with colleagues and gain feedback.
⚬ Run live Q&A sessions.
⚬ Post quizzes and trivia.


⚬ Give kudos to teammates and increase good communication habits.
⚬ Set rewards for good Karma.
⚬ Create and assign roles.
⚬ View karma reports to see trends in positive communication.

Stack Overflow

⚬ Ask and answer questions for future reference.
⚬ Up or downrate answers to identify the best responses.
⚬ Gain points for answering questions and become an expert.
⚬ View notifications for new or updated knowledge.

⚬ Create tasks and assign them to team members.
⚬ Plan projects, attach files and prioritize tasks.
⚬ Drag tasks to the completed section like Trello.


Thank you for reading our content on how you can install a third-party application on user accounts in Microsoft Teams. I provided the steps on how you can achieve this as well as providing these steps on how you can pin the application to the tabs. When the process is complete, the application will be installed as a default on all user accounts, and you will have assigned them to the tab as a default pinned application. If you require further assistance with the steps, you can drop a comment below, and we will address them. 

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