How to mute all participants in a Teams meeting

Users who host Microsoft Teams meetings with large groups of people may want to mute the rest of the participants in the meeting if you or a few others need to present without everyone else talking over you. Microsoft Teams has a few options to change when it comes to Teams meetings that you can use.

You can mute all participants in a Teams meeting by creating the meeting and adding whoever you want to add to it, then going to the meeting settings and changing who can present. Changing these options will turn people into attendees, allowing you to mute them in the meeting.

How to mute all participants in a Microsoft Teams meeting

  • To start, open Microsoft Teams
  • Go to the calendar to create a new meeting
  • Click “+New meeting” or click on the date that you want to make one for
  • Input the details you want the meeting to have, including the name of the meeting, the date and time, and the participants
  • You can then change the settings to mute users either before or during a meeting
  • Find the meeting in the calendar or Outlook
  • Click on “Meeting Options”
  • Change the “Who can present?” option to “Only Me” or “Specific People.”
  • Toggle “Allow Mic for attendees,” which will stop users from communicating with their mics.

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How to mute all participants in a Teams meeting

If you want to host a meeting in Microsoft Teams and mute the participants, you must create the meeting. I have created a step-by-step guide for how to do this, as well as going through some of the options available on the Meetings options page.

  • Open Microsoft Teams by searching on the search bar, clicking on the app icon, or going onto and using Teams there.
  • After loading Microsoft Teams, go to the calendar page; this is where you can create a new meeting, then click “+ New meeting.”
  • When you create the meeting, enter all the details that you need to, this includes things like the name of the meeting, the names of all participants you want to join and take part in it, the date and time, and any other details.
  • After creating the meeting, before you and everyone else joins it, you can edit the options by clicking on either the meeting in the calendar in Teams, the calendar in Outlook, or your email. You can use any of these as these are all places that will show an invite for Microsoft Teams as they’re all connected by the cloud by Microsoft.
  • After pressing “Edit” on the meeting, it will bring up the meeting options, and at the bottom of the page, you can find the option called “Meeting Options.”

After clicking “Meeting options,” it will show a new window containing all the available options.

On this page, you can choose from a few options related to Microsoft Teams meetings, and these can all be changed to enable or disable the things you want.

  • This list includes who can get