How to troubleshoot Outlook error 49970

Outlook for Microsoft offers a varied range of different tools to help users conduct communication tasks via email. However, Outlook is also like all other Microsoft programs — prone to errors such as the one we are going to resolve today. Being part of an essential email user base, it becomes necessary to tackle the root causes of harmful errors like Fix Send/Receive Error in MS Outlook, which can make trouble around your work. This technique aids in the protection of both the email communication network and the local PC. If you make modifications to the control panel or someplace else, you should assess the risk factor for other applications such as email, PC updates, and a firewall. However, Microsoft Technical Center provides support for the complete Windows PC as well as its components, but customers are unaware of this. As a result, we should examine the established procedures for resolving Outlook send/receive errors/bugs/degraded performance by authenticating web-based resources. Follow the steps below to see how you can troubleshoot Outlook error 49970.

Step by step process – How to troubleshoot Outlook error 49970

  1. Firstly, sign into Outlook.
  2. Now go to “File”.
  3. From there go to “Options”.
  4. Now go to the “Trust Center”.
  5. Click on “Trust Center Settings”.
  6. Now click on “Privacy Options”.
  7. Now click on “Privacy Settings”.
  8. Ensure that “Allow Office to connect to the Internet” or “Turn on all connected experiences” is selected.
  9. Then press “OK”.

The simplest approach to resolve this error is if it is a connection issue, you may have the setting disabled, which prevents any form of connectivity that results in this error. You can use your current browser or Network to check if Outlook is connected, if not you should connect in order to resolve this error.

More solutions to resolve error 49970 

If you continue to have this error, we have some other solutions for you to try and resolve this error. You can use the following steps in the current order or any order you find best. Lest our team know how your resolution process went, we would love to know more about how easy people found the process.

Remove Outlook email account settings that aren’t working.

MS Outlook/Express comes in a variety of versions, both on the market and at the user’s end. There is a distinct technique for configuring each version of MS Outlook as well as Outlook Express in this circumstance. However, these procedures differ significantly from one version to the next within the same email client, and the likelihood of a settings error at the user’s end is increased.

So, if an application is accessible, fix any incorrect settings. You may also change server settings at this level. Uncheck the option “Leave a copy of messages on this server” if you don’t want messages to be stored on the server. It also prevents duplicate email items from appearing in your Outlook inbox.

Garbage/Suspicious Emails should be removed to resolve error 49970 

We occasionally receive dangerous programs in our mailboxes from untrustworthy senders. We should delete such emails as quickly as feasible at this time.

Set the right Firewall Software Priority.

If the firewall is set to a high priority, it will prevent access to the message transmission protocol and system. To prevent such an access barrier, the MS Outlook and Express email clients must be given sufficient priority.

We must grant access to two types of files, as listed below:

  • Outlook.exe is a programme that allows you to send and (in MS Outlook)
  • Msimn.exe is a programme that runs on Windows (for Outlook Express)

Antivirus Software Shouldn’t Collide.

Antivirus plugins in MS Outlook/Express can sometimes build a barrier between the incoming/outgoing server and the user. In this case, we should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for ensuring error-free antivirus and email client compatibility. On their official website or resource, the majority of reputable antivirus vendors provide detailed instructions.

They can identify and prevent any attempts by malware to run on your system while your computer is clean. This is done using their malware database. This method will not identify new or previously unknown malware.

If a malicious program is able to operate on your computer, you can no longer trust it. There is no way of knowing whether or not the virus has been effectively eliminated. There are simply too many methods for malware to conceal itself. In this case, wiping the system and starting over is the best option.

In MS Outlook, look at your email profile.

In certain cases, a faulty email profile is the source of underlying MS Outlook problems. As a result, we need to carefully examine the Outlook email profile. If you discover that your Outlook profile is damaged, take these procedures to establish a new Outlook profile:

  • Click Mail in the Control Panel.
  • When the Mail Setup – Outlook dialogue box displays, select Show Profiles from the drop-down menu.
  • Now you must check your existing Outlook profile and then select Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, in the Mail Setup – Outlook Dialog box, choose Data Files.
  • In the Account Settings dialogue box, go to the Data Files tab and enter the name and location of the default Outlook email profile. Finally, click Close.

In depth – Step by step process – How to troubleshoot Outlook error 49970

Step by step breakdown:

info Note: this solution works for personal Outlook users. If you have a Business Account, some privacy settings may not be available for you.

  • First, sign into Outlook.
  • Click on “File” in the top menu.
  • Then select “Options” at the bottom of the left menu.
  • Go to “Trust Center” in the left menu.
  • Then click the “Trust Center Settngs” button.
  • Now go to “Privacy Options.” (1)
  • Then click on “Privacy Settings.” (2)
  • Check the box next to “Turn on all connected experiences.”
  • Then click the “OK” button.

That’s it for this Blog thank you for taking time out to read our content, please feel free to email our team about how it went if you followed the steps or if you need more help with the questions we answered in this Blog.

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