How to use pop out chat in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams servers as the general communications platform provided by their Office 365 Suite. One of its most useful smaller features is the ability to minimise chats and “pop” them out of the application window. This is primarily utilised for multi-taking, or chatting and working simultaneously.


  1. Open Microsoft Teams
  2. Open Chats
  3. Hover over the chat you would like to pop out
  4. Select the pop-out icon

If you have any trouble, feel free to follow along for an image aided walkthrough below. Once we’ve got a pop-out chat, we’ll demonstrate how you can view two pop-out chats at once.

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Pop out chats in Microsoft Teams

Step 1 – Open “Chat” from side panel

  • Before we can pop-out a chat, we need to make sure we’re in the “Chat” page so we can access our chats.

Step 2 – Hover over a chat

  • Placing your cursor over a chat will prompt the pop-out icon to appear at the end of its container.

Step 3 – Select the pop-out icon

  • Clicking on the pop-out icon will open a new Window containing your chat. You are free to use this as you please.

Dual chat view in Microsoft Teams (Windows)

Step 1 – Prepare two pop-out chats

  • It may prove difficult to dual view chats, if you only have one open. Pop out two.

Step 2 – Select a window and split it to the side

  • After selecting one window, full-screen said window and use win+left to split said window to the left side of the screen
    • If a prompt does not appear allowing you to select the chat, do the following:
      • Repeat the initial part of step 2 for the second window but instead use win+right

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