Images not showing in Teams: Troubleshooting Guide

Microsoft teams is the flagship communications platform provided with Office 365 (or for free with some limitations). Whether your company uses it to communicate with one another, or you use it personally, you’ve probably come to find sending images useful. If you or your recipient has discovered they’re unable to view sent images, you may have run into an issue. We recommend trying our solutions to resolve images not showing in Microsoft Teams.

Cache is fullClear client cache
Outdated Teams applicationUpdate Microsoft Teams (usually automatic)
Outdated OneDrive applicationUpdate OneDrive (usually automatic)
iOS is storing images via iCloudConfigure iOS to store images locally

If a particular cause resonates with your predicament, we urge you to read through the post and attempt it’s solution. Image assisted walkthroughs will be provided for each solution. First off we’ll be covering clearing cache Windows. Followed by updating Microsoft Teams, updating OneDrive and lastly, storing images locally on iOS.

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Clearing Microsoft Teams’ cache in Windows to show images

Step 1 – Create a text file on your Desktop 

  • Simply right click a freespace on your desktop, followed by going to new and selecting Text Document. If you feel comfortable, you can do this in a folder. We’ve chosen to use the Desktop with the aim of keeping things simple for computer novices.

Step 2 – Open the text document and enter the given script 

  • Open the file by double clicking it. Enter the script we’ve written and provided here.
    • You’ll need to save the file with the extension .bat instead of .txt
    • Save it to your Desktop where it can be easily found
    • This script will open each of Team’s cache folders and clear them in the background

Step 3 – Run the script with administrative privileges

  • Right click the script to reveal the context menu, navigate to and click Run as administrator to proceed. Please note that you should only do this for applications you trust. Albeit, if you don’t trust this app we may not be able to help you.

Step 4 – Manually confirm script actions

  • When prompted enter y to continue the script. You will be notified with a message when the cache has been cleared.
    • The prompt intends to double check you want to delete the content within the folder.
    • Inputting n or something different could cause the script to fail or operate incorrectly

Updating Microsoft Teams to show images

Important note

Microsoft Teams is known to automatically update itself. If this is not working, or you’re unable to manually check for an update (which we will tell you how to do next), you should seek troubleshooting assistance for Teams not updating.

Manually checking for updates in Microsoft Teams

You can manually start a check for new updates at any time by selecting Check for updates from the context menu (. . .)  at the top right of the window. Albeit, this is seldom necessary.

Updating OneDrive to show images

Important note

OneDrive is known to automatically update itself. If this is not working, or you’re unable to manually check for an update (which we will tell you how to do next), you should seek troubleshooting assistance for OneDrive not updating.

Manually updating OneDrive

Unlike with Teams, a manual update for OneDrive is a little harder. This is because you’re required to simply install the latest version of OneDrive from Microsoft’s download page. As well as uninstalling the old version.

Storing images locally on iOS to show images

Important note

To store images locally, you will require enough local space on your device. If you have more media saved digitally than you have freespace: we recommend clearing some device storage by deleting unused applications. Alternatively, prune your digital vault of surplus media you don’t need to keep.

Step 1 – Access personal settings

  • Select your apple ID card within the Settings app to access the personal settings.

Step 2 – Open your iCloud storage settings

  • From the option list select iCloud to proceed, it’s usually first in the second option group.

Step 3 – Open iCloud photo management options

  • From the option list select Photos.

Step 4 – Deactivate iCloud photo storage

  • Toggle iCloud Photos off.

End note


Thanks for reading this post. We hope you were able to find a solution to reveal your images. If we were helpful, consider bookmarking the page and having a look around. If you have additional problems, we may have additional solutions. Lastly, for more issues regarding Microsoft Teams consult our related articles shown below.

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