OneDrive automatically duplicating files: Causes and fixes

OneDrive allows users around the world to upload, access and download files on the go, anywhere- albeit not without issue. One such issue users face today is the seemingly random appearance and duplication of files named after their device. 

This is a caching issue resolved on both Windows and Mac by deleting OneDrive cached credentials. You will need to manually delete the duplicates yourself. 

In this post, we’ll provide guides instructing you on the deletion of OneDrive cached credentials on both Windows and Mac. Please be sure to follow along with the guide for your platform. If the issue still persists, we recommend reinstalling OneDrive. 

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Clearing OneDrive cached credentials on Windows to prevent OneDrive from duplicating files

  • Begin by pressing the windows key and typing credential manager. When you spot the application shown in the image below, click it and wait for its window to open. 

Step 2 – Open the Windows Credentials tab 

  • Within the new window, you will immediately notice two tabs. Select the Windows Credentials tab to proceed. You’ll notice some page content change (if you were not already on the correct tab). 

Step 3 – Delete content referencing OneDrive Cached Credentials 

  • Under the general credentials category, you will be able to find OneDrive Cached Credentials. Delete them by clicking the dropdown arrow by the credential, followed by the Remove option you will be presented with. 

Clearing OneDrive cached credentials on Mac to prevent OneDrive from duplicating files

Step 1 – Start Keychain access 

  • This can be done via your Utilities folder or by searching for Keychain access within spotlight search. 

Step 2 – Find and delete OneDrive cached credentials via Keychain access 

  • To make this easier, we recommend searching for OneDrive, to quickly filter out unneeded results. You should delete each result which contains OneDrive Cached Credential

End note 


OneDrive bears a caching issue resulting in the automated creation and duplication of files bearing their device’s name. This is resolved on both Mac and Windows by deleting the cached credentials for OneDrive- or alternatively reinstalling OneDrive. On Windows: the cached credentials are deleted via the Windows Credentials manager. On Mac: the cached credentials are deleted via the Keychain access application. 


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