Receiving duplicate emails in Outlook 365: Troubleshooting tips

In a corporate or enterprise-related environment, duplicate emails in Outlook are a common occurrence. The administrator of that network must remove emails manually on a regular basis and ensure that no important emails are mistakenly destroyed. Manual deletion becomes impossible as the quantity of duplicate emails grows. It might take a lot of time, restrictive hours, and effort to figure out what’s causing the repeated emails. As a result, removing duplicate emails is a difficult task since you must do it without causing harm to the user’s data or the client’s account. In this blog, we will be looking at how you can troubleshoot this error and find solutions to resolve the issues around receiving duplicate emails in Outlook 365. Duplicate mail uses the same amount of storage as a regular email, so you may face issues with storage as a result of duplicate mail. 

Step by step process – Stop receiving duplicate emails in Outlook 365: Inbuilt troubleshooting.

  • First, sign into the Outlook 365 application.
  • After that select the “Inbox Folder”, this is where the duplicate files are located.
  • Now click on the “home” tab.
  • After that click on “Clean up”.
  • You will receive three options, here click on “Clean up conversation”.
  • Once the inbox is empty of deleted folders you can simply go to the “deleted folder” and empty it.

The method shown above is the most effective inbuilt tool for removing duplicate copies of email items from Outlook PST files is the Outlook Duplicates Remover application. The Outlook duplicates removal application is capable of detecting and locating duplicate copies in single and multiple PST files at the same time. The tool ensures that no data is lost since it is cleverly built with the aid of intelligent algorithms that discover duplicate things quickly and notify them. 

This program simplifies the duplicate removal procedure for users by providing advanced capabilities such as email field criteria matching and the opportunity to eliminate duplicates across and within folders. All of these aspects contribute to the ease and success of the procedure for the users.

If the preceding options fail to fix the issue of getting duplicate emails in Outlook, consider using a professional solution. There is a lot of software out there that can help you remedy this. However, selecting between so many applications has always been the most difficult aspect.

Issues you can face by not clearing duplicate files in Outlook:

  • Duplicates take up the same amount of memory as the original message. As a result, you could run out of room after a while.
  • Outlook’s performance deteriorates, and it takes a long time to execute or complete any job.
  • Due to a size limit issue, there is a risk of corruption in Outlook PST files in a few situations.
  • Outlook will occasionally freeze, stall, or become stuck due to a large amount of emails in the inbox.
  • Multiple or duplicate email copies are a result of corruption in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and other versions. It might happen on any email item that has been sent or received. By contacting the IT Administrator, the problem can be managed or resolved immediately from the server end.
  • In most cases, Outlook users combine their personal and business email accounts. Being able to work independently while being in the same location definitely aids productivity. However, this might be confusing, so double-check that the accounts are different and not aliases for the same Outlook account. If you use aliases, the same mailbox might be created twice, resulting in duplicate Outlook emails.
  • It’s possible that you’re making a simple error by configuring rules that aren’t appropriate. When an email message is received, things get a little more complicated. Outlook creates duplicate data in the inbox due to improper rules.
  • Many Outlook users have the habit of using the same Outlook profile on numerous platforms such as their desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone, resulting in multiple copies or duplicates of emails. You may fix this by manually removing each email one at a time.

Duplicate emails in MS Outlook mailboxes can also be caused by using third-party antivirus software. As a result, it’s critical to resolve this issue and stop receiving duplicate emails in Outlook. As a result, you must access the anti-virus program’s settings. Simply disable the email protection after that. It will prevent duplicate emails from being generated in the PST file.

In depth Step by step process – Stop receiving duplicate emails in Outlook 365: Inbuilt troubleshooting

Step by step breakdown:

  • First, sign into Outlook.

You will need to sign in with the application version as this process will only work on the application version of Outlook.

  • After that select the “Inbox Folder”, this is where the duplicate files are located.

The inbox folder is where you will find all your primary email-based content. Mail is generally stored here however you may want to have a quick look at other folders such as the deleted items folder to ensure duplicate mail is properly disposed of in the account to prevent unnecessary storage loss.

  • Now click on the “home” tab.

By default you should be on the “home” tab if you just signed in, however, if you are on another tab, the main duplicate mail deletion section is located in the “Home” tab.

  • After that click on “Clean up”.

You will be presented with three options when clicking on the “clean up” tab.

  • Clean Up Discussion: Selecting this option will eliminate duplicate emails from the conversation and transfer them to the Deleted Items folder.
  • Clean Up Folder: Using this option, duplicates in a specified folder will be removed.
  • Clean Up Folder and Subfolders: Using this option, duplicates in the folder and subfolders will be removed.
  • From the three options click on “Clean up conversation”.
  • Once the inbox is empty of deleted folders you can simply go to the “deleted folder” and empty it.

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