Teams background activity is restricted: How to fix

Microsoft Teams, one of the most popular collaboration platforms, with millions of users actively holding conversations, classes and conferences it is essential that data is secured. With private conversations discussing high steak topics, users often require and have a demand for a high-security board in presence. This includes restrictions in background activity if you are on a mobile device. Often sometimes when you are using a mobile device someone could potentially tap into your device and listen in to the conversation, therefore an implementation of background activity restrictions has been set in place to allow for better security. However let’s say you need to receive an urgent notification or need to run an urgent application in your background — how do you fix the restrictions set in place for the background activity? In this blog, we will be looking at solutions to help users find out why Teams’ background activity is restricted and find possible solutions to help prevent the error from occurring again.

Step by step process – How to fix – Teams background activity is restricted

  1. Firstly, go to “Settings” on your Android device.
  2. On the settings page, scroll and click on “Apps”.
  3. Navigate to the “Teams” app.
  4. Now click on “Battery”.
  5. Ensure the toggle “Allow background activity” is turned on.
  6. Finally, go back to Teams and check if everything works.

That’s it, you have now effectively removed the restrictions and now background data such as the flow of notification to your notification panel and background apps running tasks will operate while Teams is open and running. The process for each Android device is different depending on whether it’s stock android or if it’s customized for certain consumer products. The elaborated process is for stock Android devices. 

The last point is important, as you need to make sure that tasks are being run in the background for your applications or the process will have not yielded any results. You need to be certain that the device is running optimally to avoid buffering, so if there are applications that don’t need to be running, try to turn them off if there is any lag during meetings on your mobile device.

Why use the Team’s application

There are a few points that make the Teams application much more usable than the desktop version. The main point is that your mobile device is portable, you can travel anywhere and have a conversation on Teams with the assistance of your mobile device, ensuring you have a sufficient amount of mobile data. You can also directly input your contacts from your mobile device and use Teams much more actively. The application is built to work with your mobile device, therefore it incorporates features to make maximum use of your mobile features. Such as allowing you to answer calls and meeting requests from the home or lock page, use the app as a phone and hold it up to your ear, etc.

You can also download content straight to your OneDrive account or personal storage if you want. Yes, if your Team’s application is verified you have access to a whole host of different features, some that are much more useful than the desktop version. This is why users may find that having a working team’s application will make completing Office base communications tasks a lot easier.

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a very simple and user-friendly platform. Setup is minimal to non-existent. Still, before implementing the platform across the organization, some thought should be given to how it will be used.

There are two primary choices to think about:

  • The Natural Method. A firm can choose to deploy Microsoft Teams in a “full free for all” manner, allowing everyone in the organization to do anything they want with the platform, and the platform’s acceptance and usage can develop naturally.
  • The Measured Methodology. Microsoft Teams must be used for particular parts of the business in this more controlled manner. It also entails enforcing strict controls over who may use it and what they can do with it, resulting in a staged deployment strategy across the organization.

You may do something that incorporates both of these techniques or something in the middle. What is appropriate for a given company is determined by its culture and use cases. The Teams admin center may be used to manage and set up teams.

Teams are highly user-friendly, and the learning curve is quite short when compared to more sophisticated collaboration platforms.

If needed, bespoke training may be offered for team members, however, Microsoft also offers great online user training resources. These resources are given in the form of a series of extremely short movies that demonstrate how to accomplish various tasks and perform various activities inside Microsoft Teams. Custom training materials and business guidelines may be made available via Microsoft Teams for new users or workers to view due to how easy it is to share papers with multiple or all members.

Teams is a strong and helpful collaboration environment that is only going to grow in popularity. Microsoft Teams is included in Office 365 for free, so any Office user may take advantage of all of its features. In short, it simplifies cooperation by allowing users to collaborate, share, and communicate all from a single platform.

In-depth – Step by step process – How to fix – Teams background activity is restricted

  • Firstly, go to “Settings” on your Android device.
  • On the settings page, scroll and click on “Apps”.
  • Navigate to the “Teams” app.
  • Now click on “Battery”.
  • Ensure the toggle “Allow background activity” is turned on.
  • Finally, go back to Teams and check if everything works.

That’s it for this Blog thank you for taking time out to read our content, please feel free to email our team about how it went if you followed the steps or if you need more help with the questions we answered in this Blog.

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