The ultimate guide to the Teams walkie talkie app

Microsoft Teams offers an excellent selection of tools to help user functionality within the program. One such option is to include a push-to-talk communication function called the walkie-talkie app. Users of Microsoft Teams have access to a tool called the walkie-talkie app that enables push-to-talk communication. You can connect with and chat with other channel users using the tool. You must confirm that every channel member has connected to the walkie-talkie app to have a consistent connection with all your members. I’ll explain thoroughly what to anticipate from the walkie-talkie app in this blog post, along with instructions on how to set it up on your Microsoft Teams account. 

You need to understand multiple stages before you decide to use the Walkie-Talkie app in Microsoft Teams. You first need to add the walkie-talkie app to the Microsoft Teams app setup policy. To do this, you need to go into the admin center, and from there, you need to set a set of policies which includes the walkie-talkie app. If this step is not complete, the walkie-talkie application will not show on your app page. The final section of the blog will show you how you can use the walkie-talkie application.

Read through each section of the blog to better understand what the walkie-talkie app is and how you can use it in Microsoft Teams. Each section provides different information on how you can set up the walkie-talkie application and how you can download the application.

How to add the Walkie-Talkie app using a setup policy in Microsoft Teams

You must first configure the Walkie-Talkie app in the Microsoft Teams admin section before you can use it. The walkie-talkie app must be assigned via the procedure shown below to function; you cannot download the app by default from the application menu. See what you can do to put up a Walkie-Talkie app in Microsoft Teams by reading this. 

  • Open Office 365 first.

To begin the process, open Office 365 & sign in with your credentials. 

  • The launcher, represented by nine dots, should now be clicked.

From there, click on the launcher, illustrated by nine dots in the left-hand corner of the Microsoft 365 UI. Microsoft has created this section in the Office 365 dashboard so you can navigate to applications without any issues. 

  • Now select “Admin” from the menu.
  • Click “Teams” under “Admin centers.” 
  • Now select “Teams app” from the menu. 
  • Click “Setup policies” from there. 
  • Now look for the “App setup policy” option with the name “Global (Org-wide default).” 
  • Click “Add applications” now. 
  • Find the “Walkie Talkie” option by typing it out. 
  • Then select “Add” from the menu. 
  • Finally, select “Save” from the menu. 

You will have set up the walkie-talkie app in Microsoft Teams upon completion. The walkie-talkie app will now be accessible and integrated into Microsoft Teams for all your channel members. The procedure described above is a global rule. This shows that this policy will be given to every company employee. Selecting the local option will allow you to add the policy to any specific channels, teams, or local networks that you may have.

How to contact channel members using the walkie-talkie app

As shown above, the walkie-talkie app is a push-to-talk service provided by Microsoft Teams to help members of an organization communicate with each other. There is no need for you to download the application when the set of policies has been completed in the Microsoft Teams admin center. Microsoft Teams will automatically download the application once the process has been completed above. However, you will now want to understand how to use the walkie-talkie application when it has been set up. We have included the steps below on how to use the walkie-talkie application to start communication with staff members. 

  • Open Microsoft Teams first. 
  • Now select “Apps” from the menu.
  • Click on “Walkie Talkie” after that. 
  • Select a channel now. 
  • Lastly, choose “Connect.” 

Ensure all the steps above are complete to get a successful output from the method shown. You will have managed to use the walkie-talkie application in the supposed method. Making sure the application is used correctly prevents inconveniences when you decide to use the application. If you do not complete the steps correctly, you will not be able to use the application properly. For example, you must ensure channels within your program to set up a communication path with your channel members. If channels don’t have members inside them, you won’t be able to communicate with anyone. Once you have connected with members of a channel, Microsoft Teams will automatically be able to connect those users using a push-to-talk service. You simply push the button on your Microsoft Teams UI to communicate with the user and then release it to stop the communication. It looks like a proper walkie-talkie; however, it is made digital to work with Microsoft Teams.


Thank you for reading our content on the walkie-talkie app in Microsoft Teams. We have given you a full guide on how you can use the application and set up the app in the Microsoft Admin center. Each section is made to help you better understand how to use the walkie-talkie app in Microsoft Teams. I have also provided a section on how to use the application without issues. I would highly recommend you go through each section carefully to ensure you better understand how to use the app properly. If there are any issues you come across when following the blog, simply drop a comment below, and we will address them. 

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