Which Microsoft Visio plan should you use to create diagrams?

Microsoft Visio allows users to create various diagrams, flowcharts, and templates in an easy-to-use program. Diagrams are a great way to present data in a visually appealing format. And with the help of diagrams, users can better understand what the data means. However, some users are confused about which plan they need to create diagrams in Visio. Please read the guide below to understand which plan you need to create diagrams in Visio.

Microsoft Visio offers two plans for diagram creation:

  • Plan 1 is for the online version of Visio, which doesn’t provide a way of connecting live data to your diagrams.
  • Plan 2 is for the desktop version of Visio, allowing you to connect live data to your diagrams.
  • You can also get Microsoft Visio through Office 365 plans.

Please read through to see which plan you need to get to make the most out of using diagrams in Visio.

Plans one and two will allow you to create diagrams within the program. However, there are slight differences you should be aware of before you decide which subscription to purchase. Below I will go through each one to better understand which plan you should get to create diagrams in Visio.

Why may you wish to make diagrams using Visio Plan 1?

Plan 1 allows users to build diagrams in the web version of Visio. And while Plan 1 excludes the desktop application, it allows users to create and share Visio Online diagrams for $5 per month.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Visio Plan 1 to sync live data to your diagrams. However, web users can build floor plans, engineering designs, org charts, flowcharts, diagrams, and more. Visio also offers simple, intuitive use of contemporary shapes and templates within a comfortable Office environment. Please read through the list of different features provided by Visio Plan 1.

Advantages of having Visio plan one

  • Visio for the web comes with 2 GB of OneDrive for Business online storage, allowing you to work almost anywhere, at any time.
  • Quickly create diagrams using a straightforward interface.
  • Pick from a variety of expert templates, starting diagrams, and shapes.
  • Access and modify Visio files directly from Microsoft Teams.
  • For unified viewpoints, integrate Visio diagrams into Power BI reports.
  • Access your work from virtually anywhere by storing and sharing it online.

Disadvantages of having Visio Plan 1

  • You cannot have the desktop version of Microsoft Visio.
  • Inability to sync live data crucial for up-to-date marketing or accounting information.
  • Cannot work with other Microsoft content creation platforms such as Excel.

How to purchase Visio Plan 1

Here are the steps on how you can purchase Microsoft Visio Plan 1. If the desktop application is not worth sending extra on Plan 2, you can buy plan one using the steps below. You can also click on the link directly to the Microsoft Visio site. You must ensure you have an Office 365 account with a pre-existing payment method.

  • Firstly, click on the link to open the Microsoft Visio site. (Link to the site)
  • Select the option for “See plans and pricing.”
  • Now click on “Buy now” under “Visio Plan 1.”
  • Input your region and click on “Next.”
  • Approve sign-in request to complete the process.

Your monthly subscription to Microsoft Visio will begin once the steps shown above are complete. You will be able to create diagrams and flow charts; however, you won’t be able to sync live data. Your subscription is annual by default; however, there is a monthly option, and both will expire on the calendar date precisely one month or a year from the date of purchase.

Why might you wish to make diagrams with Visio Plan 2?

Data networking abilities, a sizable library of internal and external templates, and integrated collaboration tools are all features of Visio plan two by Microsoft’s diagramming system. Visio Plan 2 comes with 2GB of OneDrive, the Visio desktop client, and the Visio online version, enabling you to easily collaborate and link your diagrams to living data.

Advantages of having Visio Plan 2

  • All the benefits of Plan 1.
  • Additional templates, shapes, and advanced flowchart creation tools.
  • Works with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint connectors, Power Automate, and Power BI, you can go beyond diagramming. 
  • Connect accurate data from internal and external sources to diagrams. ​

Disadvantages of having Visio Plan 2

  • The plan is a lot more expensive.
  • No additional storage.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Plan 2 by Microsoft Visio. As you can see, Plan 2 offers many more features for a price increase. The price of this plan is 15 dollars plus taxes, which includes all the features of the 5-dollar program plus additional features such as the app and integration with the Office suite. Those features are not available with plan 1, so if you have ideas of using the tool with the rest of your office suite, you will need Plan 2.

The process to purchase Plan 2 is the same as purchase Plan 1. You can click here to navigate the steps and choose Plan 2 instead of 1. You will need to input your login credentials, and if you have signed into a valid account with a proper payment method, you will only need to approve sign-in and purchase to complete the process.

Which Office 365 plan must you have to access Visio?

You need to purchase the Office 365 plan, which includes Microsoft Visio. You can also get your Microsoft Visio plan through Office 365. The good news is that all the paid versions of Office 365 include Visio. However, if you buy just the apps, you will need to use the method above to purchase Microsoft Visio separately.


Thank you for reading our content on which Microsoft Visio plan you should use to create diagrams. As discussed above, you need to purchase an Office 365 plan or the Visio program itself. There are two separate plans which incorporate different features you can choose from. The first plan will offer you the app’s web version; the second will offer the desktop app and the ability to connect with the Office suite for live data. If you encounter any issues following the steps above, simply drop a comment below, and we will address them.

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