Extract Data in Excel using a Pattern

In this Excel Training video, we’ll show you how to use patterns to selectively retrieve information from your datasets. We’ll unveil a clever and efficient formula that calculates precisely which rows to extract data from, all based on a pattern number. This ingenious technique leverages Excel’s built-in MOD function to determine if a row aligns with the pattern, and then it employs the INDEX function to retrieve the corresponding data.

Data extraction with patterns is a powerful tool in data analysis and reporting. It allows you to streamline the process of retrieving specific information that conforms to a particular sequence or structure within your datasets. So join us as we provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to harness patterns to your advantage in data extraction.


Copy and paste this formula:

=IF(AND(ROW(A2)>=$C$2, MOD(ROW(A2)-$C$2, $B$2)=0), INDEX(A:A, (ROW(A2)-$C$2)/$B$2*$B$2+$C$2), "")

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