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Microsoft Teams
The ultimate online collaboration tool.
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With Microsoft Teams as your communications hub, you can collaborate in real-time with your colleagues, schedule and run online meetings, and share resources within different teams or departments. Essentially, Teams is the glue that holds the organization together, and in our training videos, we’ll show you how to strengthen that bond and boost productivity.

Microsoft OneDrive
The cloud hosting and file sharing solution.

With OneDrive as your cloud-based file storage solution, you have the power to securely store, access, and share your files from anywhere. Whether you’re working individually or collaborating with team members, OneDrive offers real-time file co-authoring, seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 apps, and effortless sharing capabilities. Our training videos show you how to leverage OneDrive to enhance productivity and streamline your file management processes.

Microsoft SharePoint
The site building and file management solution.
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With SharePoint, you can take team management and collaboration to the next level. SharePoint is the backbone of your organization, providing a robust platform for creating team sites, document libraries, and intranet portals. With this application, you can seamlessly organize, share, and manage your documents, projects, and resources while controlling access and permissions. Our training videos will empower you to harness the full potential of SharePoint, enabling you to create intranet hubs, implement version control, and integrate with various Microsoft 365 apps like Teams and Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook
The ultimate mail, task, and calendar solution.
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Outlook is your go-to for email and event management, designed to streamline email communications, calendar scheduling, and task organization. With its intuitive interface, you can easily manage your emails, stay on top of appointments and meetings, and prioritize tasks from one central platform. Our training videos will guide you through the various aspects of Outlook, helping you harness its capabilities to enhance communication, organization, and productivity in your daily work routine.

Microsoft Word
The best writing & editing tool on the market.
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With Microsoft Word in your toolbox, you can design any textual content, from simple letters to entire manuscripts. Word is a versatile word-processing application that has revolutionized document creation and editing. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Word empowers individuals, students, and professionals to create high-quality text documents. In our training videos, you’ll learn how to maximize your writing potential with this incredible software.

Microsoft Excel
The spreadsheet and data management tool.

Microsoft Excel is the staple of data management for any business that uses Microsoft 365. With Excel, you can create, manage, and analyze data, from simple budgets and lists to complex business analytics and scientific calculations. In our training videos, we’ll show you how to make the most of Excel’s extensive functions and formulas and draw out vital insights from your datasets.

Microsoft PowerPoint
The ultimate online presentation tool.
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Microsoft PowerPoint is a dynamic presentation software that empowers individuals and professionals to craft engaging and impactful visual presentations. With its intuitive interface and a vast array of design templates, transitions, and multimedia tools, PowerPoint allows users to transform ideas and data into compelling slideshows. In these training videos, you’ll learn how to master PowerPoint and create clear, engaging, and visually appealing slideshow presentations.