How to add DOUBLE Spaces in Microsoft Word

In this Word training video we’ll show you how to add double spaces into your text in Microsoft Word. In this guide, you’ll learn how to add spaces to lines, paragraphs, words, and letters. Also, we’ll give you steps on how to do this in the Windows and Mac versions of Word.

Typography Terms

Line spacing

Line spacing refers to the spacing between lines, or the height of the space that separates lines of text.

Paragraph spacing

Paragraph spacing, like line spacing, refers to the space above and below the paragraph. But unlike line spacing, you can set different spacings for the top and bottom of a paragraph.

Word spacing

Word spacing refers to the space before and after a word. There isn’t a specific function to adjust the word spacing. However, you can create the effect by using find and replace to change single spaces to double spaces.


Kerning refers to the spacing between letters.

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