How to Convert a PDF to Word (From Canva)

In this Microsoft Word training video, we’ll show you how to Convert a PDF to a Word document. To demonstrate, we’ll be downloading a PDF template from Canva, and editing the it within Microsoft Word. We’ll also show you how to save the document as a JPG or PNG when you’ve finished working on it.

What is a PDF file?

A PDF (Portable Document Format) file is a file format developed by Adobe that preserves the original formatting, fonts, images, and layout of a document, regardless of the software or hardware used to view or print it. PDF files are widely used for sharing documents over the internet and for printing documents that need to be reproduced accurately.

Key features of PDF files include:

  1. Platform Independence
    PDFs can be viewed on any device or operating system, maintaining consistent formatting.
  2. Security
    PDFs can be password-protected or encrypted to control access to sensitive information.
  3. Compression
    PDFs can compress text and images, reducing file size without significant loss of quality.
  4. Interactive Elements
    PDFs can contain hyperlinks, forms, multimedia elements, and other interactive features.
  5. Printability
    PDFs are designed for high-quality printing, ensuring that a document looks the same on paper as it does on a screen.

To view and create PDF files, various software tools and applications are available, ranging from Adobe Acrobat (the official software from Adobe) to free alternatives like Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, and others. Many word processors and document creation tools also support exporting documents to the PDF format.




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