How to Delete a SharePoint Site

In this SharePoint training video, we’ll explore four distinct methods for deleting a SharePoint site. Firstly, users can delete a site directly within SharePoint, providing a straightforward approach for those accustomed to navigating the platform. Secondly, the SharePoint Admin Center offers a centralized hub for site management, allowing administrators to easily delete sites and streamline the process.

For a broader administrative perspective, the video explores a third method, which involves using the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Lastly, we’ll cover a more advanced method using PowerShell and the SharePoint Online Management Shell. This method caters to users with scripting expertise, providing a powerful and automated way to delete SharePoint sites.


Microsoft 365 Admin Center:

Download the SharePoint Online Management Shell:

PowerShell commands:

Connect-SPOService -url
Install-Module -Name AzureAD
Remove-AzureADGroup -ObjectId "id"
Remove-SPOSite -Identity

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