How to Delete a SharePoint Site

In this SharePoint Training video, we’ll show you four different ways of deleting a SharePoint site.

Firstly, we’ll guide you through the process of deleting a SharePoint site directly within the SharePoint platform itself. Then, we’ll shift our focus to the SharePoint Admin Center, where we’ll showcase an administrative perspective, allowing you to efficiently manage and remove sites within your SharePoint ecosystem.

Next, we’ll look at deleting sites from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, which is a more accessible administrative hub. Finally, we’ll teach you how to delete sites using PowerShell, enabling you to delete SharePoint sites programmatically, which is a valuable asset for administrators dealing with large-scale site management.


Microsoft 365 Admin Center:

Download the SharePoint Online Management Shell:

PowerShell commands:

Connect-SPOService -url
Install-Module -Name AzureAD
Remove-AzureADGroup -ObjectId "id"
Remove-SPOSite -Identity

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