How to enable and use the Excel Developer Tab

In this Excel Training video, we’ll focus on enabling and using the Excel developer tab, a crucial feature applicable to both Windows and Mac desktop versions. This walkthrough aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved, ensuring accessibility for users across different operating systems. Moreover, we’ll delve into the practical aspects of leveraging various developer tools that significantly enhance Excel’s functionality. These tools encompass the integration of add-ins, the implementation of form controls, and an introduction to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).


VBA code to add current date & time to selected cells:

Sub AddDateTime()
    Dim selectedRange As Range
    Set selectedRange = Selection
    ' Check if cells are selected
    If Not selectedRange Is Nothing Then
        ' Loop through each cell in the selected range
        For Each cell In selectedRange
            ' Add current date and time to each cell
            cell.Value = Now
        Next cell
        ' If no cells are selected, display a message
        MsgBox "Please select a range of cells.", vbExclamation, "Selection Required"
    End If
End Sub

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