How to get the Day of the Week in Excel using Functions

In today’s Excel Training video, we’ll show you how to extract the day of the week from a date using the built-in functions, specifically TEXT and WEEKDAY. Understanding the day of the week can be crucial for various applications, ranging from organizing schedules to analyzing trends over time. By employing these functions effectively, you can manipulate date-related data with precision, enhancing your ability to derive meaningful insights from your Excel spreadsheets.

Moreover, we’ll show you how to highlight specific days using conditional formatting, making it easier to identify and focus on particular days based on predefined criteria.


Day of week using TEXT (Mon, Tue, Wed…)

=TEXT(A1, "ddd")

Day of week using TEXT (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…)

=TEXT(A1, "dddd")

Day of week using WEEKDAY (1 [Mon], 2 [Tue], 3 [Wed]…)


Custom day of week using WEEKDAY

=CHOOSE(WEEKDAY(A1, 2), "Mon", "Tues", "Weds", "Thur", "Fri", "Sat", "Sun")

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