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How to Place a Pasted Image into a Cell in Excel

When inserting an image into a cell in Excel, you can usually go to “Pictures” > “Place in cell” in the “Insert” tab. However, when you paste an image into Excel, the image will float above the cells, and it won’t be positioned inside. To resolve that problem, we can use the “Move and size with cells” option. In this Excel training video, we’ll show you how to do that.


Access the Move and size with cells option:

  1. Paste and select the image.
  2. Click the “Picture Format” tab.
  3. Select “Format Pane” in the ribbon.
  4. Click the size icon.
  5. Select “Properties.”
  6. Choose “Move and size with cells.”

Alternative method:

  1. Right-click the pasted image.
  2. Select “Format picture” from the popup menu.
  3. Click the size icon.
  4. Select “Properties.”
  5. Choose “Move and size with cells.”

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