How to use Day of the Week functions in Excel

In this Excel training video, we’ll guide you through the process of retrieving the day of the week in Excel by leveraging the platform’s pre-existing functions. Excel provides a range of built-in functions designed to simplify data manipulation, and in this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate step-by-step instructions to help you seamlessly incorporate the day of the week into your spreadsheets.

Furthermore, we’ll look into the powerful realm of conditional formatting to showcase how you can visually emphasize specific days within your Excel sheets. By the end of the video, you’ll not only be adept at extracting the day of the week but also have a newfound skill in using conditional formatting to elevate the visual impact and functionality of your Excel spreadsheets.


Day of week using TEXT (Mon, Tue, Wed…):

 =TEXT(A1, "ddd")

Day of week using TEXT (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…):

=TEXT(A1, "dddd")

Day of week using WEEKDAY (1 [Mon], 2 [Tue], 3 [Wed]…):


Custom day of week using WEEKDAY:

=CHOOSE(WEEKDAY(A1, 2), "Mon", "Tues", "Weds", "Thur", "Fri", "Sat", "Sun")

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