How to use Microsoft Forms in SharePoint

When it comes to constructing forms within the SharePoint environment, you’ll find a variety of methods at your disposal. However, for the optimal blend of efficiency and functionality, Microsoft Forms takes the lead.

In this SharePoint Training video, we’ll show you how to to seamlessly integrate a new or existing form into your SharePoint site using two techniques. Firstly, we’ll show you how to use the Forms webpart. But there’s a better way, which involves embedding the form using an iframe. You’ll learn how to do all that and more in this video.


Microsoft Forms:

Invalid link error when adding form to SharePoint:

If you’re getting the “invalid” error, it’s likely that you’re copying the form’s URL from the address bar. To get the correct URL, click “Collect responses” at the top, then “Copy Link.”

Iframe Code:

** Replace “https://” with your Form’s web address and change the width and height as required.

<iframe src="https://..." width="800" height="400"></iframe>

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