PowerPoint isn’t recording my voice: Cause and fixes

Adding narration to a PowerPoint presentation may make it more fascinating and engaging for the audience. Fortunately, Microsoft includes an audio recording function built-in. You may use this feature to add background music or voiceover to specific slides or the entire document. However, some users have reported that the recording starts but does not replay or save to the slide. Even if your microphone is turned on, the PowerPoint may fail to capture audio on your PC or Mac. Here are some solutions to the problem of PowerPoint not recording. In this blog we will be looking at solutions to help users resolve issues where PowerPoint doesn’t record their voice and find possible solutions to help prevent the error from occurring again.

Step by step – How to fix, PowerPoint isn’t recording my voice

  1. Firstly, click on “Start”.
  2. Now click on “Settings”.
  3. After that click on “Privacy”.
  4. Under “App permissions”, click on “Microphone”.
  5. Ensure the toggle for “Allow desktop apps to access your microphone” is on.
  6. Finally, close and test to see if your audio is being recorded on Powerpoint.

Following the steps above will allow you to enable microphone settings on Powerpoint, when you download an application or reset an application, you need to assign different permissions to allow you to both enable features such as the microphone and use it within the application. If this toggle is not turned on then the additional features will not work for the users.

Users must also be aware of the fact that In Windows 10, Microsoft has prioritized privacy. Users must approve which applications have permission to use their camera and microphone. Apps won’t be able to capture audio or video input if this isn’t done.

Alternate solutions when recording your voice in PowerPoint

Audio is recorded in an audio recorder

There could be several causes for PowerPoint’s failure to record audio. If you want to quickly and easily add sound to your slides when PowerPoint’s recording feature isn’t working, an audio recorder is a better option. As an example, consider one of the recorders: Audio Recorder by FonePaw. (a new window will open)

Audio Recorder is more powerful than the built-in recording functions of PowerPoint. For example, using Audio Recorder, you may export your audio in a variety of formats, including MP3, WMA, and others. This manner, you may not only add sound to the slides, but also save it as an audio file and share it with others.

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Use the Safe Mode option

This enables you to start your computer in a clean manner. If other applications and processes are interfering with Office for Mac, this might explain why some PowerPoint capabilities, such as recording audio on presentations, are malfunctioning.

To enter Safe Mode on a Mac, restart the computer while pressing and holding the Shift key. Do this as soon as your Mac boots up.

Log in to your Mac when the login window displays. A Safe Boot message should appear in the right-hand corner of the screen. Whether you’re in Safe Mode, try if you can record sounds in PowerPoint.

Update your software, disconnect any peripherals and accessories attached to your Mac, then restart the machine in normal mode if the problem does not persist in Safe Mode. Check to see if the issue has been permanently resolved.

In macOS Mojave or later, fix Audio Input Not Accessible

You may not be able to record audio in Microsoft Office or other third-party audio and video programs after installing macOS Mojave or later on your Mac. Follow the steps below to solve this issue.

  • To begin, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Apple icon.
  • Second, pick a Microphone in the Privacy box.
  • Allow Microsoft PowerPoint to use your microphone by checking the option next to Microsoft Office.

Open your PowerPoint presentation and attempt recording again.

Start your PC from a clean slate

It’s also possible that some apps or procedures will prevent PowerPoint from connecting to your microphone. To eliminate this possibility, clean boot your computer and utilize just the most basic set of drivers and programs.

Audio services should be restarted

The audio devices attached to your computer are managed and controlled by the Windows Audio services. It’s possible that restarting them will fix your PowerPoint audio recording issue.

  • To open the Services app, go to Windows Search and type services.
  • Restart the following services one by one by right-clicking them and selecting Restart:
  • Windows Audio Endpoint Builder is a tool for creating audio endpoints on Windows.

Make a new user account

Some users claimed that they were able to resolve the issue by starting a new user profile. If none of the other techniques worked, try this one as well.

There are 6 methods for fixing PowerPoint audio recording difficulties on Windows 10, as well as 6 Mac-specific fixes. We hope you now have complete access to all of the PowerPoint features you require.

In-depth – Step by step – How to fix, PowerPoint isn’t recording my voice

  • Firstly, click on “Start”.
  • Now click on “Settings”.
  • After that click on “Privacy”.
  • Under “App permissions” click on “Microphone”.
  • Ensure the toggle for “Allow apps to access your microphone” is on.
  • Finally, close and test to see if your audio is being recorded on Powerpoint.

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