The Ultimate Formula for Removing Duplicate Names

In this Excel Training video, we’re delving into the world of data refinement within Microsoft Excel, and we’ve got a powerful technique to share with you. We’ll demonstrate the art of streamlining your data by removing duplicate names, tidying up empty cells, and enhancing the overall presentation of names using a single, efficient formula.

The ability to simplify complex data sets by eliminating duplicates and transforming them into neat, properly formatted entries is a valuable asset in data analysis. So join us as we unravel the secrets of Excel’s TRIM and PROPER functions, showing you how to wield them effectively to enhance your data quality and analytical capabilities.

John Gleave

John Gleave has been a researcher, content writer, and senior editor at Business Tech Planet since 2022. John was formerly a data analyst and web designer with expertise in several programming languages, such as JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, CSS, SQL, and more! With a passion for writing and technology, he has now focused his skills on crafting tech guides for BTP. You can connect with John on LinkedIn.

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