What are Substrings in Microsoft Excel?

In this Excel training video, we’ll be using some Excel functions to demonstrate how to extract substrings from your data. Our focus revolves around four fundamental functions: LEFT, RIGHT, MID, and SEARCH. Through clear and concise explanations, we guide you on how to leverage these functions to precisely retrieve the desired portions of text or characters within your Excel spreadsheets.

But that’s not all — we’ve also prepared a bonus tip featuring the SUBSTITUTE function, adding an extra layer of versatility to your substring extraction toolkit. This valuable insight promises to broaden your understanding of Excel functions and equip you with the expertise needed to navigate and manipulate text data efficiently.


LEFT Function:

=LEFT(CELL or "text", number)

LEFT Examples:

=LEFT(A1, 2)
=LEFT("mystring", 2) Returns "my"

RIGHT Function:

=RIGHT(CELL or "text", number)

RIGHT Examples:

=RIGHT(A1, 6)
=RIGHT("mystring", 6) Returns "string"

MID Function:

=MID(CELL or "text", start position, end position)

MID Examples:

=MID(A1, 3, 3)
=MID("mystring", 3, 3) Returns "str"

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