What your Boss can Track on Microsoft Teams

In this Teams Training video, we’ll be shedding light on the extent to which your boss can monitor your activities within the platform. It’s a topic that often piques curiosity and raises questions about privacy and accountability in the modern workplace. We’ll explore what your boss can track and what remains beyond their purview, demystifying the capabilities and limitations of monitoring in Microsoft Teams.

Many employees wonder whether their every move is being closely scrutinized, and we’ll provide clarity on whether your boss can “spy” on your actions and access sensitive information, such as shared files. Understanding these nuances is crucial for maintaining a sense of security and transparency within your professional collaboration tool. So join us as we reveal what your boss can track on Microsoft Teams.

John Gleave

John Gleave has been a researcher, content writer, and senior editor at Business Tech Planet since 2022. John was formerly a data analyst and web designer with expertise in several programming languages, such as JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, CSS, SQL, and more! With a passion for writing and technology, he has now focused his skills on crafting tech guides for BTP. You can connect with John on LinkedIn.

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