How to set a team site as the homepage in SharePoint

Sometimes businesses may need to shift things around digitally; for example, the business site that staff has access to may not be as suitable for sharing work, so an admin may want to create a new site that everyone would get more usage from.

I have created this article to cover how to set a team site as the homepage on SharePoint; this method can be followed on Windows and Mac as it only requires a browser and a Microsoft account, read on for how to do this.

Step 1

  • Go to
  • Using the app launcher, go to SharePoint
  • Click “Create Site”
  • Make the site and add members

Step 2

  • Go to “Home” on SharePoint
  • Press “New,” then page
  • Create or use a template
  • Fill in the page

Step 3

  • Go to SharePoint homepage
  • Press the menu on the left and click “Pages.”
  • Find the page you just made
  • Click on the three-dot menu next to it and set “Make Homepage.”

Content list

How to create a team site in SharePoint

Before you can set a site to be the new homepage, you will firstly need to create a new site.

  • To start, go to

You will need to sign in with your Microsoft account.

  • Next, press the “App launcher” on, then press “SharePoint.”

The “App launcher” is found by clicking on the nine-dot icon located in the top left corner of

  • Once you are on SharePoint, you need to click “Create site.”
  • After clicking on “create site,” choose “Team site.”

At this stage, you will need to choose between two options, a Team site or a Communication site; for this article, we will need to make a Team site as this is more suited for a small team to keep updated and share content. While a communication site is made to be used and updated by only a couple of people and viewed by tens to hundreds of people.

  • Here you need to fill in all the site details with whatever applies to you and your group.
  • You can search for any team members you want to add for the next step.

The members you search for have to be on your system in your organisation.

  • After adding the members you want, press “Finish” to create the site.
  • After finishing these steps, you will have created a new team site where you can share information and content with your team members.

Once finalised, this is what a new SharePoint Team will look like, and you will now be able to follow the next step of setting the new site to be the homepage.