How to fix Microsoft 365 admin center login error 0

On desktop: error code 0 indicates an installation failure for Microsoft365 applications; therefore, it’s often triggered post update or during your initial installation. If you produced the error via either method, I recommend first reinstalling the Microsoft365 before continuing with the post. In browsers, error code 0 is reportedly a client-side issue within their browser. Thus, the problem lies not with Microsoft365; instead, the web browser used to access Microsoft365.

DesktopUse the control panel quick repair to rectify the issue, or reinstall the application with a newer installation tool.
BrowserClear your browser cache, clear cookies, use a private/incognito tab, or use a different web browser.

We’ve also created a YouTube video that can assist in resolving error 0. You can watch it here:

I’d like first to discuss how we can resolve error code 0 on your desktop, followed by the browser variant of the issue last. As usual, a step-by-step guide (with images) has been provided to best assist you. For the best support, I recommend following along at your own pace.


How to fix desktop Microsoft365 login error 0

Step 1 – Open the Control Panel

Begin by pressing the “Start” key or selecting the magnifying glass- it should be next to the Windows icon on your taskbar. Continue by typing “Control Panel” and open the application shown below. You can open the application by clicking the filename in the search section or app-card. Alternatively, select open from the application card.

Step 2 – Open the programs page

The “Programs” page allows us to toggle various special features utilized by applications, use backward-compatible applications, manage installed updates, and uninstall applications. For example, one such feature (and the one we need) is the quick repair tool for Microsoft365. You can access the programs page by selecting the final option displayed on the control panel home page, labeled “Programs.”

Step 3 – Open the programs and features page

You can select “Programs and Features” to proceed to the said page on the programs page. From there, we may continue.

Step 4 – Start changing Microsoft365

Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise” can be found within the application list; select it, followed by “Change” atop the list to proceed. Doing so will initiate the application change process. Please note, Windows will request administrative privileges to complete this action.

Step 5 – Run a repair on Microsoft365

You will encounter a window presenting two repair options for your application. “Quick Repair” and “Online Repair.” While I recommend using the “Online Repair” tool, I’m also aware that’s not always ideal for everyone. In which case, you can initially try the “Quick Repair” option. Regardless of your choice, you will receive a prompt requiring confirmation of what you selected.

  1. Quick repair
    • Resolves some issues
    • Executes fast
    • Works offline
  2. Online repair
    • Resolves “all” issues
    • Requires an internet connection
    • Executes slower

How to fix Microsoft365 Online login error 0

How to clear your cache in Chrome

You can open the history page with the “CTRL H” shortcut; within it, you should select “Clear browsing data.” After you do so, a new page will open with a menu prepared. In the menu, use the “All time” time range and enable all three options for efficiency.

How to go incognito in Chrome

Accessing an incognito/private tab in Chrome is limited by little more than a shortcut- and an easy one at that. To try it out, use the shortcut “CTRL SHIFT N.”

Recap & Farewell


While the meaning behind error code 0 can carry within Microsoft 365, it generally equates to a disruption of usage and must be fixed. One such fix involves repairing a potentially faulty installation, while others include browser cache clearing and the use of private/incognito tabs.


Thank you for reading along until the end. We appreciate the support and hope we delivered a comprehensive and helpful resource for you and your team. If you’re a frequent user of Microsoft products, I recommend investigating the rest of our site. We post new content frequently, ranging from error troubleshooting to general guides.

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