How to fix the Microsoft error “We can’t upload or download your changes because your cached credentials have expired”

If you frequently use programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and OneNote, you are probably aware that you can store your documents online with OneDrive. The process takes advantage of your cached Office credentials, such as the username and password, which means you don’t need to log in to your account every time you want to access your MS programs.

However, cached data can expire and create conflict errors. One credential error is the following: “We can’t upload or download your changes because your cached credentials have expired.” Fortunately, that problem can be resolve this easily by following the steps below.

How to fix the Microsoft error “We can’t upload or download your changes because your cached credentials have expired”:

  1. Close all Office programs.
  2. Search for “Credential Manager” in your Windows search bar.
  3. Click on the Credential Manager app.
  4. Select “Windows Credentials.”
  5. Remove all Office and OneDrive related credentials.
  6. Sign back into Office and OneDrive.

In this post, we will demonstrate how you can use the Windows Credential Manager to prevent issues regarding file changes. And we have included screenshots to guide you through the process.

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1. Guide | Clearing cached credentials
Info | Why clearing cached credentials helps
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Clear the expired cached credentials to fix the Microsoft download & upload error

Step 1 – Close all Office programs

You must ensure you have saved all of your work and closed each Office application.

Step 2 – Open the Windows Credential Manager

If you’re not using Windows 10 or 11, click the Start button or press the Windows key on your keyboard to access the search bar. Enter “Credential Manager” into the search bar and click “Open” in the application card to the right of your search results.

Step 3 – Switch to the appropriate tab

If you’re experiencing issues with Desktop Office applications, consult the “Windows Credentials” tab. Otherwise, open “Web Credentials.” Accessing either option is achieved with a simple left-click.

Step 4 – Delete relevant generic credentials

Under “Generic Credentials,” find and delete credentials referencing OneDrive or Microsoft. You can delete credentials by selecting the dropdown arrow next to each credential. Then, click “Remove” in the bottom left corner. You must remove each credential individually.

Step 5 – Add new credentials

Now your expired credentials have been removed, you can sign into your Office 365 account to create new credentials. Windows will use the resulting data to generate new credentials.

Info | Why does clearing the expired cached credentials fix the Microsoft download & upload error?

What is cache?

A cache is a volatile form of storage utilised by applications to store data temporarily. Such data may include login credentials, application preferences, and application settings.

Why are my cached credentials causing problems?

You may run into issues if your cached credentials become outdated or otherwise invalid; this is because your device will attempt to use your cached credentials to authorise itself regardless. Hence why they must be updated. You may find it interesting that this is also why most services sign you out of related programs when you’re updating your sensitive information.

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Endnote | Recap & Farewell


Office programs, as expected, cache certain pieces of information to enhance the user experience; despite that, this can hinder the user experience when cached data becomes outdated or otherwise invalid. We can manually remove dated credentials and replace them with new ones to circumvent the issue.


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