How to make Microsoft Teams open links in Chrome

The Teams desktop client can embed emulated versions of other Office 365 applications within itself; the browser client will mirror this behavior. Either client will attempt to open Office 365 apps within the desktop client. Fortunately, we can configure Teams (and Windows) to open our Teams links in a web browser— like Google Chrome.

Teams will open Office 365 apps in Chrome under three conditions. You have installed Chrome on your device. You’ve configured Teams to open Chrome in your browser. You have set your default web browser as “Google Chrome.”

  1. Start Microsoft Teams
  2. Open the options menu
  3. Click settings
  4. Open the “Files” sub-page
  5. Choose “Browser” via the dropdown
  6. Open the Windows default apps list
  7. Select your “Web browser”
  8. Choose “Google Chrome”

By the end of this post, you should be able to configure Teams to open links in your default web browser. Additionally, you should understand how to set Google Chrome as your computer’s default web browser. Fortunately, I’ve provided you with two in-depth, step-by-step guides.

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  2. How to set Chrome as your default browser
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How to set Teams to open apps in your browser

Although frustrating, installing Chrome isn’t enough to have Teams open your Office 365 apps there. First, you’ll need to configure Teams to open apps within your web browser instead of your Teams client.

The following guide supports the desktop and browser clients for Microsoft Teams.

Step 1 — Open Microsoft Teams

If you want to do something in Teams, opening it will usually help. We can start with the “Start” or “Windows” key. After clicking the key, type “Microsoft Teams” and hit “Enter.” Alternatively, you can open Teams in your browser; click the following link.

Step 2 — Open your Teams settings

In either version of Teams, identify and select the options button. The button should resemble three consecutive dots (). When you click the button, you will spawn a menu. One of your options will be labeled “Settings—” you need to select it.

Step 3 — Alter your Files settings

We use the settings menu to customize our personal experience of Teams. Changes you make here are unique to your account— this means that you will not apply your changes to your entire team. On the left, there is a list of several sub-pages. Skim the list for “Files” and open the sub-page. The sub-page features a dropdown labeled “File open preference.” From here, you can open the dropdown and select “Browser.”


How to set Chrome as your default browser

If you’ve configured Teams to open apps in your browser, you may find Teams does not open Chrome— this is because Teams targets your default browser. In short, if your default browser differs from Chrome, Teams will open a different browser. Fortunately, the following guide will help correct this issue.

The guide below assumes you have already downloaded and installed Google Chrome. Please avoid attempting the following guide before installing Chrome.

Step 1 — Open the Default apps list

The easiest way to access the “Default apps” list is to use the Windows start menu. First, hit the “Start” or “Windows” key and enter the search term “Default apps.” Next, click the “Best match” result or press the “Enter” key.

Step 2 — Select the Web browser option

The default apps list features several entries. Fortunately, we only need one. Look for “Web browser.” Under the label, you will find your current default web browser.

Step 3 — Select Google Chrome

Windows will present a list featuring each of your installed browsers. If you don’t see Chrome, you will need to download and install it. However, if you spot “Google Chrome,” give it a click.

Step 4 — Choose to Switch anyway

There’s a chance Windows will try to convince you to use their web browser: Microsoft Edge. In truth, I recommend giving it a chance. However, for the sake of this guide, you need to click “Switch anyway.”

Blog post recap

Some users may find that Teams fails to open links in Chrome. Instead, Teams opens links within itself. Teams won’t open a link unless you have configured Teams to open files with your web browser. After, you’ll need to ensure you set your default web browser to Google Chrome— you cannot do this without installing Chrome.

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